Fatboy Bizzle – Fatboy Season 2

Fatboy Bizzle has been off to a hot start in the first half of 2018, and he’s culminating these first 6 months with his new mixtape Fatboy Season 2. 

Bizzle’s intensity is always the first thing you notice, so it’s only right that he unleashes his inner animal on the first song ‘Beast Out.’ From that point on the intensity doesn’t stop. He keeps his foot on the gas with straight riot music – high energy, angry hip hop about the grittiest elements of a life in the streets. 

Production is handled by a number of producers, but they’re all in tune with Bizzle and what he sounds best on. Beats from LowtheGreat, MENACE, LewisYouNasty, Laudiano & others each carry a consistent attitude and level of intensity, while maintaining each producers unique style. 

AzBenzz & T. Swish are the lone features, and those are on songs that had previously released. They compliment Bizzle well, but most of the tape is made up of his own narrative. A lot of it is personal; there’s quite a few moments where inner demons are confronted, and that’s something that needs to be done on your own. 

Fatboy Bizzle is one of the most consistent artists you’ll find here on SLAP. It’s always some quality music for the streets, and it keeps getting better as he hones in on his fierceness and intensity.