EPICMUSTDIE- “Pressin Lines”

As an artist, it’s easy to be swayed into adjusting or refocusing your creative approach to fit in with what seems to be working at the moment. The result is a lot of artists trying to create versions of the same thing, but it also allows for standout artists like EPICMUSTDIE who refuse to conform, electing to emphasize the elements of his sound that stray from today’s hip-hop norms.

This means quality lyrics & a relentless flow that bring to mind early songs from Kendrick, Vince Staples & other West Coast MC’s who blend real rap into the contemporary structure of hip hop. “Pressin Lines,” the latest from EPICMUSTDIE, is a dark song, with a video that is simple yet effective in communicating the song’s solemn vibe.

AntDawg lays down the beat, while Eric Nelson brings things to life on screen with fluid shots and grainy imagery of EPIC and his homies. This is what staying true to yourself looks & feels like. Watch it below: