Dezzie Gee – Drunk feat. KB Devaughn

Dezzie Gee never ceases to amaze and impress with his creativity and natural charisma every time he steps in front of a camera. His latest video ‘Drunk’ chronicles that blacked out state of intoxication that we all remember not remembering. Dezzie manages to paint the picture in a way that isn’t really glorifying being drunk, but rather honestly talking about the vulnerability that comes with the fun of having a few too many drinks. 

KB Devaughn hops on for an insightful verse about the often sloppy scenario of hooking up with alcohol involved. His storytelling is years beyond most artists his age; he’s keeping some of the genre’s scarcest qualities in tact. 

The duo of LaneCarvers & Benz Designs combine to shoot and edit the video, which was shot at a small scale kickback – the perfect spot to portray this songs energy.