Dezzie Gee – Can’t Wait Til Summer feat. Elijah Banks

One of LA’s most underrated talents has got to be Dezzie Gee. Whether he’s DJing for artists like Boogie or Buddy, producing flawless tracks for KB Devaugn, or going viral while dancing to Panic! At The Disco – Dezzie Gee is always someone worth watching. His most underrated skill may be his own personal song making, but we’re here to wake you up. 

His most recent release ‘Can’t Wait Til Summer’ is an uptempo jam, ideal for the warm weather that’s reemerged in the last few weeks here in LA. Dezzie produced it himself & taps in with Elijah Banx for supporting vocals. It’s positive, anthemic & the type of song that seems to get stuck in your head instantaneously. Listen below: