Devin Off Western – “Renegade”

Devin Off Western just dropped a new song called “Renegade,” opening with a synth riff that echoes a bit each time it ends. Guitar notes between the synths set the scene until the producer Ron-Ron’s signature tagline comes in, building the moment nicely until Devin finally enters.

The singer’s voice is light and melodic, floating nicely above the instrumental. The drums provide a solid, deep bass that rounds the song out nicely, as Deven sings about a stripper who’s “playing with chemistry” as she relies on drugs to try and escape. The lyrics themselves are sad, but there’s beauty in the way Devin sings her story, holding each note before letting it flare out at the end of the line. It’s a dope homecut track, and a hidden gem in R&B.

Listen below: