DestoDubb x Pimp Pimp P x 03 Greedo – The East (prod. Fizzle)

Desto links with his Lil bro Pimp Pimp P and phenom 03 Greedo on a somber Watts anthem, ‘The Eastside’ prod. Fizzle.

Desto creates a particularly captivating narrative through his lyrics, going through his experiences on the Eastside as a young’n, and how he stays connected even after his brand expanded beyond his hood. The emotive vocal delivery is on one thousand here, with every artist giving a heartfelt performance. Wunderkind Pimp Pimp P and 03 really tie this together, cementing this as a heartfelt ode to the Eastside. The knowledge that 03 is going to be leaving soon makes his crooning even more powerful, emitting the pain he must be going through but refuses to show online. We can’t wait to hear what else he has for us before he goes in–its inevitably going to be powerful as this.