DC The Don – Walk Thru dir. LewisYouNasty

After a couple high-intensity videos in a row, DC The Don is back to pushing the boundaries of hip hop with emotional, high-pitched vocals on ‘Walk Thru.’ The video is relatively standard, but when you’re dealing with a video director as talented as LewisYouNasty, even the simplest of concepts can be captivating. 

Surrounded by beautiful women  & Lil Mosey among others, DC seamlessly toggles between flexing & letting his emotions spill out of him. He goes ballistic with the second verse, screaming his lyrics to a point of distortion while still managing to sound as good as ever. 

The song doesn’t have much direction – it’s more like 4 minutes of DC saying whatever he wants, but that’s how people think. We’re all over the place as people , and DC shows the sporadic nature of human thought perfectly  when he bounces from subject to subject like this.