Da$h – ‘Is He Dead Yet?’

Da$h’s new project Is He Dead Yet? is a rollercoaster ride of women, drugs and money, with Da$h insisting the last item in that list is what’s keeping him going. Across eight tracks, the EP emits a dark, mesmerizing aura, giving the listener a peephole view of the rapper’s everyday lifestyle.

The track “Needs & Wants” is undeniably the standout track within this EP. Da$h immediately jumps into the action with an energetic delivery, providing a catchy hook over the hard hitting instrumental that comes courtesy of Rio Mac.

Toward the end of the tracklist, “H20 Interlude” as well as the outro track “Supposed to Be” transition the project into a satisfying close. The mood slows down as dreary, undulating notes dominate the soundscape in the former song, while Da$h effortlessly glides across the latter as chill, subtle undertones set the scene.

A range of producers contribute to this project, including Mullato Beats and D2. A gloomy trap vibe is readily apparent in the beats Da$h chose, especially in the earlier portion of the album apart from the two final songs. The tantalizing artwork further intensifies the listening experience and overall feel of the project, acting as a window into how Da$h feels people view him and other artists. Additionally he dedicates this project to a trio of fallen comrades, including Mac Miller who passed away earlier in September.

Originally from New Jersey, Da$h has been closely tapped in with the city of Los Angeles for much of his career. In addition to a recent appearance on Rob Vicious’ solo debut Trapatlantic, he’s released multiple videos with LA’s very own Jon Psycho, one of the city’s best videographers who’s been on a recent tear. The visuals for past songs like “Means” and “No Man’s Land” animate Dash’s lyrical ability and presence on the track, giving there reason to hope that Da$h and Psycho will release more collaborations as the year comes to a close.

Overall, this project was thoroughly executed, with every element working together to fulfill Da$h’s vision. Is He Dead Yet? acts as a mirror and perfectly embodies his sound, energy, and lifestyle, showcasing an artist who’s fully able to deliver on his potential.