Chris O’Bannon – Sauce Meets World EP

Every Chris O’Bannon release is crafted with precision; he’s got a style that can’t be rushed or hastily put together. O’Bannon’s latest effort Sauce Meets World puts each of his many skills on display & proves that even in the industry’s current “I want it now” climate, quality music is the way to go. 

Sauce Meets World clocks in @ 10 tracks, with production from a number producers including DJ Wes, RadioAktive, 89th, Dnyc3, Lee, and O’Bannon himself under his SLGHTWRK moniker. A few of these were previously released but, for the most part, these are brand new songs from the Compton/Bay Area representative. 

This wide variety of input on the tape leads to a very diverse collection of songs. There’s elements of contemporary Bay Area and LA rap, but there’s also beats like ‘Sauce Cost’ that sound like they could’ve been influenced by Prince or Zapp. Including all these sounds on one emphasizes O’bannon’s Lebron-like versatility when it comes to making music. 

AzChike & Kalan.frfr hop on for features, contributing memorable vocals on ‘Step It Up’ and ‘No Rush’ respectably. Collaborations like these have us itching for more work from Chris and the city’s rising stars. 

Chris O’Bannon can do it all, almost to a fault. His catalog is so diverse that he can be hard to categorize, but that’s something listeners need to understand. This isn’t a predictable artist. This is a transcending talent that will not be boxed in or told how to sound. Once everyone catches onto that, his ascension will be inevitable.