Blvc Svnd – “Blvc Svnd”

Rife with energy, BLVC SVND adds another entry to his extensive and colorful catalogue with a self-titled EP. Lil Grain’s signature grime bursts at the seams throughout, with its blown out bass, aggressive kit and all. Though the pure octane of this project would be enough to make this a listen worth the time, BLVC SVND’s songwriting/production is noticeably improving, with more sections and varying textures.

“Moving These Verses Like Packs” even centers around a sitar sample, but he whips it around and turns a traditionally meditative instrument into something confrontational and violent. His growling is grittier and deeper, moving his sound further into the realm of metal. The persona has grown darker as well, warning people he’s the reason they’re locking their doors on “Rings Hit” with frequent collaborator Gizmo.

One thing that’s always been remarkable is how versatile his sound can be. “Irelavance” and ‘Go Mode PT. 2’ act as examples, where Lil Grain serves up high-energy cuts that are perfect for the party. The latter even samples the Chicago classic “GO!” by Common, adding pounding percussion hits to raise the energy.

“Spurious” has a wild atmospheric sound, with BLVC SVND hitting a melody on the chorus. “DayDream” is similarly melodic in a way we haven’t heard from Lil Grain in the past, serving as a respite from the wild energy we hear throughout the previous tracks.

For a person pumping out so much music in a way not done by many, BLVC SVND manages to show the diversity and care that highlights a more meticulous creator. Still, this sound isn’t one that would necessarily benefit from time, as the energy required to create songs like these seems like it is as fleeting as any intense emotion.

Straight up, it’s shit that feels cathartic, powerful and momentary. Check out the new project below.