You’d be hard-pressed to find another artist in the same lane as BLVC SVND, the 20-year old rapper and producer who uses everything in his arsenal to funnel his rage through the speakers. With a strong metal influence, his new mixtape Blvc Ops 2 mashes those hardcore elements into the realm of hip-hop, for 34 minutes of warlike assaults upon the listener.

Blown out bass forms the foundation of much of Blvc Ops 2, but it’s the creator’s frenetic, near-demonic vocals that truly set it apart. Look to the song “Annhilate My Enemies” for the project’s unfiltered spirit, with it’s swarming verses that build to a grotesque peak on the chorus. Whatever you thought was the hardest rapping of the year pales in comparison to BLVC SVND’s bone-crushing chants of “I will annihilate all of my enemies,” swirled into a hellish distortion that consumes everything in its path.

Elsewhere, tighter composition on songs like “Let It Buss” allow BLVC SVND space to win with his wordplay, as he finds creative rhythms and patterns that perfectly fit the beat. On “Go Mode,” a gloomy instrumental brings a surprising amount of bounce to the party, complete with battle sirens to retain the mixtape’s confrontational atmosphere.

While all of Blvc Ops 2 dwells in the same mood, stylistic dynamics such as these keep the abrasiveness from eventually rubbing off. It’s foolish to listen to unless the activity at hand requires unrestrained wrath, but it’s perfect when you need to pump out a few extra reps at the gym, build up the adrenaline to conquer your biggest fears, or incite a brawl in the hallways after school.

Or if you just want an easy way to piss off the neighbors, it’s pretty good for that too.