Bino Rideaux – “On My Soul”

“On My Soul,” a single ahead of Bino Rideaux’s upcoming album (which is also named On My Soul), shows growth while still retaining the familiarity he’s established throughout his discography thus far. The track itself follows in the new-era R&B sound, with electronic synths and hazy keys forming a solid foundation. Bino’s auto-tuned voice comes in on top of it, paying tribute to his hood, and his need to keep them close wherever he goes.

Rapping the second verse of the song, Bino shows his evolution, taking a break from the singing that’s made him a name to watch on many of his older projects. It makes the track even more dynamic, and will certainly do much to build anticipation for the eventual album.

Coming off his 2018 EP titled 4, the higher production quality is readlily apparent. Credit goes to Blxst, who produced “On My Soul,” as well as his more recent song, “This That.”

Bino Rideaux’ new album is looking like the next stage his music. Listen to “On My Soul” below: