Bigg Boo is a Self-Made Staple in LA: Behind the Boards Interview

From waking up every morning to work at DirecTV to investing in his first recording studio in Downtown Los Angeles, Bigg Boo has turned his vision into reality. Trusting in his abilities, the Compton made producer worked endless nights pursuing his craft, and over time, the hard work began to pay off. For the last three years, his studios have been involved in some of the city’s most critical songs, and now, he’s opened up a new location in San Pedro.

When we caught up with Bigg Boo, he emphasized that he feels he’s often left out of the conversation when it comes to LA’s current forefathers. “As far as the new LA wave, I’m one of the founders, like RonRon,” he said. “I’ve always been in the background, but always had an impact. When I started getting back on the beats, it started putting me upfront more. But still, I feel like I’m underrated and overlooked. I’ve been a part of this whole wave, orchestrated major hits in my studio. I’ve been the guy who believed in these artists.”

Songs to know:


FrostyDaSnowmann – “Greasy”


AzChike – “The One”


Almighty Suspect – “WhereYoSafeAt Pt. 2” 


Ralfy the Plug – “Situation”


FrostyDaSnowmann – “BraZy”


03 Greedo x Rappa – “Paper Plates”

Tell us a little more about BeatJunkieMafia.

It’s a producer based label filled with different talents. We’re coming together as a team to build a powerhouse. We received credits from various artists including Blueface, Famous Dex, 03 Greedo, Drakeo, SOB x RBE, 1TakeJay, and many more. 

What projects were you first apart of?

“I orchestrated both of Frosty Da Snowmann & Almighty’s first mixtapes. I recorded “Milwuakee Bucks” too, Ron Ron did the beat for it.” 

When did you start producing? Did you start off as a producer or as an engineer?

“3 years ago and I started off as an engineer, then I went more into beats. But now, I’m good at both, it’s a combo, and they’re both crackin.” 

Is there another genre of music that you are trying to tap in with?

“EDM & punk rock.”

Most memorable studio experience?

This dude and his dad booked a session with me, but i didn’t know they weren’t coming for music. They brought a bunch of beer and snacks and we sat and talked for an hour about life and music. That was it! It just caught me off guard because that never has happened before. So out of all the crazy shit I’ve seen, that was probably the coolest.”

Which programs do you use?

“I use FL Studios and Protools. One for the actual beat making, the other for recording.” 

Who are you trying to work with?


Where do you see yourself in a year?

“I see myself just up. Bigger opportunities, bigger checks. Bigger everything.”

Biggest inspiration? 

“Nipsey for sure. He laid out the Blueprint.”