Behind the Boards: Yike Mike

Yike Mike grew up in the I.E., but by now he’s been making noise all across California. Already, he’s worked with artists such as SOBxRBE and Joe Moses, and at age 19, the talented producer has all the time in the world to elevate even further.

Humble and eager to work, 2019 is looking promising for the creative. He is working towards collaborating with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Cardi B, YG, Migos, and Ella Mai. We caught up with him to learn about his workflow in the studio, as well as what he does when he’s not making a beat.


Name: Yike Mike



From: Inland Empire, California



Artists he’s worked with: Blueface, 1TakeJay, Problem, YBN Ahmir, AzChike, RJ, Joe Moses, Philthy Rich, SOBxRBE, Almighty Suspect



Message to artists: “I just want people to know that I am extremely humble, not Hollywood. Real regular. Friendly. Tapped in. I’m a cool producer, you can reach me through social media, and I’ll hit you back pretty quickly. I am willing to work with anyone who is willing to put the work in!”


So, how did you get started doing music?

“Growing up I loved melodies and sounds. People around me were making music, but more so like EDM and Dubstep. I was introduced to Magic Music Studio, then to FL studios. WHen i went camping, i was introduced to FL Studios from a friend. He taught me while we were in the tent, and we initially just worked on techno/electric styled beats. I went from doing electric styled beats to trap, then on to west coast. I wasn’t successful at making trap beats, but once i transitioned into party beas, I knew that was my speciality. The crazy thing is, I had another teacher who is the inspiration behind my sound today. DP Beatz taught me more tools and techniques with the software via facetime. So really, after I made the Becky challenge, everything started to take off from there.”

Who influences you as a producer?

“DP Beatz is one of my favorites of all time, and a big influence behind my sound. Dj Mustard is another one, too.”

Favorite artist to work with, and why?

“RJ. Why? Because he a cool dude. We have a good artist to producer relationship. The communication is great, quick responses, and actually makes the time to talk to you. He’s a very quick worker. How fast he’s able to knock out a song is dope.”


Songs to know:



-Blueface – “Next Big Thing”


-RJ – “Gangster Report”



-Almighty Suspect – “Becky Challenge”



-MyCrazyRo – “Slide”



-Joe Moses – “Pull Over”



-AzChike – “Bag”



-Blueface – “2 Coccs”


Scratch or Sample? 

Everything is from scratch! Sampling is too risky when it comes to ownership/rights/etc. So I like just seeing what I can make from scratch.”

Are You Interested In Working with a different genre of music?

“Even though I’m mainly for west coast hip hop artists, I am actually interested in doing R&B. When the time is right, that’d be dope.”

Is there anything else you do besides producing?

“Yeah I actually DJ. I’ve been a DJ for Blueface and for different clubs and house parties. So if you’re looking for a DJ, you know who to go to.”