Behind the Boards: Scum Beatz

When you speak on the success of Los Angeles’ own Blueface, make sure to pay respect towards the man behind the boards on some of his biggest hits, Scumbeatz. It’s no doubt that hits such as “Thotiana,” “Freak Bitch,” and “Deadlocs” (pt. 1 & 2) played a huge role in turning Blueface from the next big thing to the hottest artist in LA, Scumbeatz has been his right hand man on the journey.

Raised in Bellflower, CA, Scumbeatz likes to stay behind the scenes despite the fact that millions are already familiar with his work. “Thotiana” especially has done much to expose out of towners to the surging movement in LA, with artists as big as Drake diving in the DMs to see what the city has to offer. Since then, YG’s hopped on the remix as well, with the music video hitting 10 million views during its first week.

So, who is Scumbeatz?

Who have you worked with so far?

“I consider myself to be picky when it comes to working with artists. But I’ve worked with YG, 1TakeJay, and Christian Combs. My favorite artist to work with is Blueface. I usually send stuff over to him, I only sat down with him one time. But I know him personally, therefore it makes things go smoother.”

What is your preference when it comes to working with artists?

“When it comes to big artists, I prefer to sit down with them to make sure everything is perfect and so I am able to break down everything with them right then and there. But, sitting down with everybody makes things go smoother all around.”

Songs to know:


Blueface – “Thotiana”


Bravo the Locc – “Mission”


Blueface – “Dead Locs”


The Prince of LA: “Come and Find Me”


Sincerely Scooby – “I Like Dat”


Blueface – “Freak Bitch”


LA hip-hop fans often hear the idea that “All LA rap sounds the same.” What are your thoughts?

“Well, it’s just that west coast sound. If you look at the other regions, they have signs of similarities when it comes to their sound. Look at Atlanta and artists like the Migos. If you really listen to music, it’s not the same. However, you are able to hear similarities. But that’s with all regions. There’s a south sound, a Caribbean sound – there’s a sound on whatever coast you are on. They don’t sound all the same, but it’s simply due to that regional comfort.”

Favorite song you’ve done?

“My favorite tracks are between Freak Bitch & Thotiana, both by Blueface.”

Which producers inspire you today?

“Scott Storch, Zaytoven, and DJ Mustard.”

What are your 2019 plans?

“I’m trying to work with Cardi B. I have the perfect track just for her. So, I’m trying to get that going. But I am willing to work with anybody that are trying to come up, and are truly passionate about this.”

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