Behind the Boards: Romo

If there were a “King of Sampling” in LA, Romo would take the crown. Whether it’s revisiting soulful classics on songs like Rucci’s “Wishing on a Star” or tracks for the party on “Cholo,” the 20 year producer knows how to cause reactions from his head-turning beats. You’ve heard his creations on projects such as El Perro by Rucci, or the collaboration album with Rucci and 1TakeJay, The Winning Team.

After working with different LA artists, he’s already been compared to DJ Mustard, due to his brilliant chemistry with Rucci that’s reminiscent of what the accomplished producer has with YG. His ability to create beats that perfectly balance piano chords with bass hitting drums is notable – if you need an example, look no further than the Winning Team’s “Intro.”  Rucci isn’t the only artist he works with, however; in the past, he’s linked with heavyweights like G Perico, YG, and Shoreline Mafia.

We sat down with Romo to gain some insight on his work thus far, and what he has in store for the new year.

Songs to Know:


-Rucci & 1TakeJay – “Intro”


-Ash Bash – “Red Homies”


-Kee Riche$ – “Faith”


-P1 – “Candy”


-Rucci – “Get Aktive”


-Rucci & 1TakeJay – “It’s Easy”


-Rucci – “Wishin’ on a Star”


Where are you from?

“I’m from all over LA, from moving from Slauson, to Inglewood, to Compton. I went to Westchester High School.”

When did you get started doing music?

“I started playing the piano at age 7. In 2012, I started working with the program, FL Studios, which I still use today. Growing up however, I’ve always been surrounded by music, so it’s always been a passion of mine.”

What artists have you worked with so far?

“Bass Squad (Rucci, Bossman, Black) 1TakeJay, Famous Uno, YG, AshBash, Robbyoso, G Perico, Shoreline Mafia, Kee Riche$, and Skeme.”

“Who is your favorite to work with and why?

“Rucci off tops. It’s because I work with him the most, so we’ve already figured each other out. We have a natural connection and bond that allows us to work extremely well together. The studio sessions are always a dope and successful vibe.”

I know you went to high school with Roddy Ricch. Any plans on working with him?

“For sure. It’s only right. He’s already shown love to a track I did with P1 on his Instagram story, which was a dope moment.”

Describe your studio presence.

“I’m super quiet and focused. Real work mode. Before I do anything though, I have to roll a blunt. Gotta be fried to do what I do best.”

Favorite tracks you’ve produced?

“‘That’s Norf,’ it’s a track off of Rucci’s album. Also “Wishin on a Star Pt. 2” is going to go crazy when it drops!”

Who are some producers who inspire you?

“Mustard, Hitboy, FKI.”

What’s your message to other artists out there?

“I’m willing to work with anyone who is ready to put the work in. Just make sure to have your budget ready. Don’t sleep on me. I’m doing the LA takeover, then eventually take over, globally.”

“Just wait til I do this R&B tape. That’s what I’m really aiming for. Bunch of dope samples from the 90’s. Tell Kalan.Frfr to fuck with ya boy!”