Behind the Boards: Ricebovvl

Ricebovvl, a rising producer from Los Angeles, has found his distinct sound with bass trembling beats that include a unique twist at every turn. A talented creator who’s weaving his way through the underground, most of his beats have found a home with the artists in his independent music group, MCF.


The beatmaker typically stays behind the scenes, but it shouldn’t be long before his talent has even more artists throughout the city hitting him up for a Ricebovvl beat. While speaking to him, I got such a humble vibe from the way he talked, hearing him emphasize the importance of coming up with the people that he’s been working with, instead of focusing on sending beats to those who are already big.


He’s up next, 100%.


Songs to Know:


WeezGB – “Mop $tick”


Westside $tew – “Fall Bacc”


Moosey Mula – “Thuggin”


Black Mike – “40 Wit That Stick”


Hitta G – “Cell Bloc”


Agbon – “Push to Start”


Wilcox the General – “Villanova”


Before we get started, I have to ask. How did you get the name Ricebovvl?

“Aha. Well my last name is Rice. So, when growing up and it was time to roast, people would always come at me like “you ol’ terriyaki bowl a** n****”. So, when I started producing, I just stuck with it. And rice is the foundation for a lot of meals. I like to consider myself the foundation for tracks.”


You do you mostly work with?

“MCF. The team. Westside $tew, WilcoxtheGeneral, WeezGB, Hitta G, Botiny, etc. I also got Moosey Mula and Black Mike that I work with.”


Where are you from?

“I am for sure LA to the core. Went from Inglewood, to the Crenshaw District, then back to Inglewood.”


When did you start producing?

“That summer before 10th grade. I started using FL Studios and became hooked ever since. The grind and hustle been nonstop ever since.”


What’s your personal favorite track you’ve produced?  

“Mop $tick” by MCF, and Westside $tew’s “Arriba.”


Are there anyone you are pushing to work with in 2019?

“I’m not really too focused on working with anyone new like that. I’d rather build with my guys that I’m coming up with, MCF. That’s my main focus. But in the future, I would like to collab with OhGeesy and Phoenix, Nfant, G Perico, and different artists from the Bay.”