Behind the Boards: Laudiano

Lil Laudiano’s rising success has been truly impressive, as he’s already landed plenty of noteworthy accomplishments early in his career. The 20 year old producer has an extensive lineup with heavy hitters such as Drakeo, Shoreline Mafia, Blueface, and the AzCult. Many of his songs have taken off on SoundCloud while others have now been receiving radio play, validating his talents and making him a beatmaker to watch.

Raised in Mid-City Los Angeles, Laudiano’s musical career initiated in high school, but not as a producer. “I started off rapping in high school,” he said. “Made a few songs. Then, one day I just downloaded FL studios and taught myself the program. Made my first beat while I was in class during my senior year of high school, then just kept going from there.”

Two years later, the producer has cooked up hits for several big artists from all over California. For the most part, he tends to make his beats from scratch, unless he finds a classic beat that truly moves him. “I mostly do all of my beats from scratch,” he said. “But if I find a cool instrumental from the 80’s – then I can sample it.”

Songs to Know:


Blueface – “Respect My Cryppin'”


Drakeo the Ruler – “Fools Gold”


Johnny Rose – “Booka Booka”


Billionaire Black – “Ice Cold Pimp”


Ketchy the Great – “Trappin’ & Stackin'”


Ralphy the Plug – “Wanna Be Me”


Stunna Girl – “I Don’t Want”

When speaking with Laudiano, we discussed future plans and goals for the “Respect My Cryppin’” producer. He explained how when it comes to artists he’s interested in working with, he wanted to keep the same regional spirit. “I’m trying to work with artists from the Bay like Too $hort, P-Lo, Pimp Toby, and some other guys. Mainly big artists in California.”

He’s already putting those goals in motion, with placements on heavyweights from the Bay Area as well as more artists here in LA. “2019 is going to be crazy,” he said. “I have a lot of stuff coming out. Working with E-40 for his next album, as well as Stunna Girl, Az Chike, Mike Sherm, Lil Twist, SOB x RBE, and Lil Pete.”

Laudiano feels he has his own sound, distinguishing him from the rest of the pack and helping make him a standout in LA. It’s clear this is only the beginning; at his current pace, his profile will be even stronger this time next year.