Behind the Boards: JR

JR was a normal teenager growing up in LA, long before he ever became a beatmaker. He was a baseball player during his high school years, attending both View Park and King Drew. He was always into music, being that he’s been playing guitar since age 13, but it wasn’t until his second semester of senior year that the enthused creator started making beats as a hobby.

“I started off on FL Studios, where I spent time teaching myself the program,” he said. “I had homies who were rappers, so I had different plugs to studios. Went from playing with the demo version to going straight to the full version after learning different tricks and tips. Just kept going from there.”

When it comes to his beat making process, JR likes to start from a blank slate rather than finding the foundation through samples. “Everything as of now is from scratch,” he said. “In terms of sampling, not yet. I’m trying to get like Romo.”

“I was trash at first,” he said about his journey as a producer. “But I just kept making more and more beats. I would send them to Kee Riche$. Eventually, Kee liked one of the beats that I sent him. From that point, he added me to the “Get Rich” groupchat. He introduced me to artists such as Rucci, Chike, and 1Take. Really helped put me on. Now, I look at him like a big bro. Shout out to Kee.”

Songs to Know:


Kee Riche$ – “Run It Back”


AzSwaye – “Pop Shit”


KT Foreign – “Or It’s Nothin”


Donny Loc – “Bag Back”


Donny Loc – “Money Baby”


Azjah – “Wake Up My Savage”


Kee Riche$ – “My Shit”


Kee Riche$ is one of JR’s favorite artists to work with, along with Rucci and Donny Loc. His beats will appear on both Kee’s and Rucci’s upcoming projects as well, as he looks to keep climbing throughout 2019. Still, he’s hoping to work in other genres as well, especially trying to hone in on smoother vibes to step outside the realm of hip-hop.

“R&B,” he said. “In general, I really want to work with Kehlani, Beyonce, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and even a country artist.”