Behind the Boards: JoogFTR

After growing up in the Leimert Park area and attending Crenshaw High School, JoogFTR has emerged as one of the hottest producers in the city. His talents have landed him a spot on the HITMOB label, alongside with heavy hitters such as Ron-Ron, Laudiano, and Ace the Face, just to name a few. When greatness is surrounded by greatness, it’s a surefire recipe for future hits and quality music.

Before the producer life, Joog was a hustler. He wanted to manage models and eventually start a modeling agency, but in 2012, his life took a completely different turn when he was struck with a bullet that put his life in danger.

After getting shot, he was left in recovery mode for a while. While healing and maneuvering in a wheelchair, he taught himself how to make beats. “I feel like God literally was trying to tell me that I need to sit and calm down, and turn to beat making. I’m glad I listened.”

Songs to Know:


03 Greedo – “Rude”


Drakeo the Ruler – “Ion Rap Beef”


Ketchy the Great – “If I Go Broke”


AzSwaye – “For the Record”


Shoreline Mafia – “Spaceships”


Sayso the Mac – “Duckt Off”


It’s a prime example of everything happening for a reason, as Joog was able to transform the tragedy into a turning point in his life. After playing with Logic, and discovering his inner talent, Joog went full force into the music and never looked back.

“It’s like a West Coast / Southern mix,” Joog said of his sound behind the boards. “Like an ATL nigga came to Cali, or vice versa, because that’s really what happened. I would say it’s a mix of ATL trap, plus that Cali bounce.”

Now, Joog has a resume of hits from 03 Greedo, Shoreline Mafia, The Stinc Team, and more. He’s had a plethora of memorable studio experiences by now, naming his session with E-40 as one of his most impactful so far.

“I would have to say when we were in the studio with E-40. Priceless. Or the countless studio sessions with Chike & Rucci are always memorable.”

When it came to his favorite artist to work with, however, he had no hesitation in his answer.

“AzChike,” he said with confidence. “We be whooping feet.”

As we move deeper into 2019, Joog’s goals for himself are clear. Financially, the plan is to get a bag and a house, but he’s also interested in transcending hip-hop by working with other genres to expand his profile in new directions.

“Pop for sure,” he said about where he wants to go next. “I plan on eventually working with a lot of pop artists, being able to transition my sound. Like working with artists like Ariana Grande & Bad Bunny.”