AzSwaye x AzBenzz – ‘CULTLIFE EP’

 Photo credit:  @nathzollo
Photo credit: @nathzollo

AzCult has been a steady force all year, and now two of the group’s members in Swaye and Benzz have dropped off the new CULTLIFE EP to keep their momentum going. Featuring menacing production throughout, the EP holds a consistent sound that gives the project a gritty yet restrained energy.

It’s not surprising that the beats on CULTLIFE are so successful, as the duo recruited some of the hottest producers in the LAnd such as Ron-Ron, Low The Great and JR. VeryRare and Ron-Ron collaborate on the boards on the intro and outro, sealing both sides of the EP in victorious fashion. While both are solid, their work on “Dumb or Stupid” is easily the most notable, thanks to an infectious hook from Benzz that instantly pulls you into the track.

“Ying Yang” is an early standout as well, sprinkling ethereal keys over booming bass hits to hypnotize the listener. AzBenzz delivers an eerie, melodic verse that complements the soundscape, while KB Devaughn’s rumbling vocals slide in perfectly as the lone guest appearance on CULTLIFE.

Overall, the project is another win for both Swaye and Benzz. They’ve been dropping hits consistently for quite some time…expect them to be back with more sooner rather than later.