AzSWAYE & JoogFTR – SwayeFTR

AzSWAYE and JoogFTR didn’t know they were family until early 2018, and they almost immediately got to work on a collection of songs which have now become SwayeFTR, a collaborative project from the rapper/producer duo. The two had been teasing the project for quite some time, proudly speaking on the music and  how disruptive its release would be. 

Today, we finally got the 10 song album.

It’s a reminder that without AzSWAYE, we probably don’t have a lot of the music that is currently setting the city on fire, and he isn’t afraid to let you know. He’s in the unique position of being  forefather of a movement without being in the forefront, but that could all change if this album gets the listens it deserves. 

 Photo by @forgoodness5ake
Photo by @forgoodness5ake

Joog’s bass-heavy West Coast production gives the project a consistent feel, personally making each beat with the exception of ‘Gimmicks’ which is made by both Joog & AxSoul. It’s laid back without feeling lazy or lethargic, with lyrics that are as ruthless as the LA streets they’re describing. 

The feature list is star studded with names that we are very familiar with here on SLAP. Both AzChike & AzBenzz contribute verses on their AzCult brother’s project; and we also hear from A$ton Matthews, Desto Dubb, Fenix Flexin & Ralfy The Plug

Although the features are appreciated, it’s the solo songs that really give you a feel for who AzSWAYE is, and how fed up he is with waiting his turn to join a wave that he feels he started. Tracks like ‘Been Did That’ & ‘Swaye Hefner’ are appropriately arrogant, with Swaye talking about his accomplishments and how he stacks up to the rest of the game. 

AzSWAYE & JoogFTR are two men who don’t get the credit they deserve, and they’re taking it in SwayeFTR. Listen below: