Azjah- Princess Diaries

On April 26, Compton’s Azjah debuts her album, Princess Diaries, which tells her story as well as shows the different emotions the artist goes through. Already getting attention from big names such as Snoop Dogg, YG, and The Game, with having her own billboards hanging around in the city Azjah is coming into the game strong.

The project contains 12 tracks with only one feature, showcasing the artist’s ability to carry most of  the tape on her back. 1TakeJay serves as the only feature on the tape, on the track “On A Mission”. Production on the tape was done by talents such as DTB, Moshuun, Matt Bricks, Uncle Bari, Dre Eazyy, and more.

The project serves for an emotion of waves. Tracks such as “Spotlight” and “Time For It” were some of the tracks that highlighted Azjah in the city as she established a name for herself as the Princess of Compton. Even though those tracks are on this tape, the other 10 tracks make it obvious how the artist has been able to skyrocket through the city in such a smooth motion.

Besides the success the artist has been receiving, she’s been dealing with a different battle as her brother devastatingly receives a life sentence. She puts her emotion straight into the booth, as she reflects on the news on tracks such as, “Calabasas”, as the hook sings “……free my dawg, tried to wait for you, but I gotta ball…” The song speaks of the upgrade of spending days in those Compton streets, to now spending those days in Calabasas, wishing that same upgrade could include her loved ones locked in those cages. Azjah’s first album was indeed a job well done.

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