AzChike – What’s Next dir. HalfPintFilmz

Continuing to build off the momentum from his My World mixtape, AzChike gave us another video yesterday. This time, for ‘What’s Next’ prod. He taps a new cameraman this time around, linking with HalfPintFilmz of Texas. 

Posted with his AzCult brother AzBenzz, Chike ponders what his next move may be after his recent string of success, whether he’s hitting licks or making hits. Rocking all black, the two seem equipped to move in silence, waiting for the right time to make their move. 

The video itself isn’t mind-blowing, but sharp cuts and fluid transitions make it a cool watch. The music speaks for itself though, and at this point we’d watch just about anything if it’s got an AzChike track playing with it. Watch below: