AzBenzz – Impeccable EP

AzBenzz is still experimenting with his sound, but he’s taking all the right risks in his new Impeccable EP. He builds upon the ice cold vibes of his earlier music, while also adding a little bit more emotional depth to his songs. 

‘Foolish,’ the projects opening song, is a definite stand out. With sarcastic regret, Benzz admits to indulging in relationships that he probably shouldn’t. His vocals are sharp & filled with emotion as he explains his actions. The song is an admission of guilt, but he never says he’s sorry. It’s a clever way of saying he’s not going to change any time soon. 

AzBenzz had already showed us that he could make R&B for the streets, and he continues that trend of stick talk and ‘Too Much,’ as well as the songs that feature his AzCult brothers AzChike & AzSWAYE

The growth of AzBenzz is more apparent on the songs that focus less on the streets and more on relationships. Tracks like ‘Are You Still Down’ & ‘Save You Love’ show that emotional depth that was mentioned earlier. AzBenzz finds ways to communicate his feelings without sounding out of character, or too different from his other music. 

Impeccable is a huge step in the right direction for AzBenzz. Now everybody has to start waking up.