Almighty Suspect x Blueface x $tupid Young – “Slidin”

In a booming time for West Coast hip-hop, three LA stars in Blueface, Almighty Suspect and $tupid Young just linked up to deliver a slapper. “Slidin” features the three vocalists delivering aggressive performances over heavy 808’s and ghostly piano keys, the beat coming courtesy of Mike Crook and Dupri.

Blueface starts off the track in threatening fashion, riding the beat more conventionally than his previous hits. Almighty Suspect comes in next, with a raspy delivery and a groggy cadence that adds to the soundscape. Finally, undeniable standout $tupid Young enters the scene, spitting flames and giving the track a nice roll with his clever punchlines.

Showcasing some of the best artists in LA all at once, the song is further proof of the city’s surging renaissance, and it can’t be long before the rest of the country catches up and acknowledges the undeniable wave. Listen below: