Almighty Suspect- “No Enemies”

Just days after altercations on social media with multiple Los Angeles artists Almighty Suspect dishes out a diss track by the name of “No Enemies”. Previously said on tracks by Almighty he doesn’t take lightly to mentions, on this track he made it loud and clear he doesn’t have any enemies and if anyone wants the smoke they can have it. Almighty throws shade towards his haters by using lyrics “Little nigga you is broke take a seat/I just made me a bag, blow a stack and repeat”.The DjMoon production & PasseTape film helps intensify the aggressive energy Almighty feds throughout the track. The feud started when a rapper had posted on his social media a video of him dancing to a diss track by another rapper towards Almighty Suspect. Almighty had then responded on social media and by releasing this track. 

Will we be seeing response tracks to this feud? Stay tapped in with Almighty Suspect for upcoming releases and news.Watch the video here: