Almighty Suspect and AzChike are Hostile as Ever on ‘Almighty Chike’

Two of the pioneers of LA’s new wave in Almighty Suspect and AzChike have teamed up for an aggressive, thoroughly produced EP, Almighty Chike. The 3 track EP features undeniable chemistry between the two rappers, as their styles are once again the perfect complement for each other. They begin the EP with “Legend Killa,” keeping it interesting as they effortlessly alternate between verses. Throughout the project, both rappers use their own distinct vocals; AzChike holds a more laid-back delivery that’s dripping with swagger, while Almighty Suspect enters with his aggressive cadence that adds a threatening dynamic to the soundscape.  

The whole project carries a tough, lively tone, filled with clever lines that grab your attention and keep it from start to finish. Undeniably, the standout track of the project has to be “Get Worked,” where both Chike and Suspect talk their shit while making for a straight banger filled with bass and bounce. We hear a glimpse as to why Almighty Suspect named himself as such, as he raps, “I’m stealing everything like my last name gimme.” Elsewhere on the song, AzChike expresses his nonchalant attitude towards groupies with, “If she let us hit you better bet I hit first.” 

The production on the joint project is noteworthy as well, coming courtesy of DJ FLippp, Red Drum Beatz, and their collective, 808 Kartel. The production on the EP features simple but crisp, heavy based hitters, in which both rappers are able to highlight their vocals and uplift the overall sound of the tracks. The engineering on the EP is also worth mentioning, as the premier quality highlights the vocalists in all the right ways.

With LA’s underground scene on the rise, it’s great to see the city’s influential artists collaborating, and uplifting each other by creating great music. Make sure to keep an eye on both of these LA trendsetters as they continue to lead the wave throughout 2019.

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