AFN Peso – “XLIV”

AFN Peso’s just checked in with a new EP, produced entirely by Ron-Ron himself. His four song XLIV rests in a dark, brooding atmosphere, seeing Peso spill his mind over chilling instrumentals that match the nature of his lyrics. “Tell me have you ever been the breadwinner of you squad / fuck squad, cause half of them niggas be fraud” he raps on “About That,” sending shots with an icy resolve in his voice.

“Don’t Mean None” was released as a single several months ago, and brings up the rear of the tracklist on XLIV. Another standout comes at the beginning of the project with “Checks In,” with Peso talking his trash to let you know what’s going on as soon as you press play. Look no further than “I been trapping all my life, I did that on my own / How you niggas older than me, I’m the one acting grown” for an example, landing especially hard thanks to his solid delivery.

Listen to the project below, and stay tuned for more releases from AFN Peso.