9800 Caspeer – Tha Bag

9800 Caspeer came into the LA scene speedy as fuck and hasn’t slowed down since. On “Tha Bag,” his rabid style is on 1000, as the song switches tempo to take you through whirlwinds as it spirals up and down. This is anxious rapping at its best, with your heart chasing the tempo the whole damn time.

Caspeer’s bars are so incredibly dense you wonder when he’s able to take a breath, because we for sure don’t have time to breathe while he spazzes on this one. This might be the fastest pace song about fucking strippers out right now, as it took a second listen to even realize what dude was rapping about. It almost makes you miss miss funny lines like “Bitches think I’m skinny until I bring out the big dude,” but once you catch them they don’t disappoint. Let’s hope Caspeer’s career has the same momentum his flow does. We can’t get enough of it.