1TakeJay – Talkin Shit EP

You do what you want when you’re poppin’… so if 1TakeJay wants to drop 3 songs at midnight on a Saturday, he does it. The ‘Talkin Shit EP’ has already racked up close to 30K plays in less than two days, and it’s understandable when it’s a perfect 3/3 for the Compton rapper. 

While the name may seem hastily decided upon, it’s a perfect fit for 1TakeJay who has turned his ability to shit talk into an art form. Whether he’s talking it on a song’s intro or unleashing his boasts in the form of flawlessly delivered bars, 1TakeJay always has a new & creative way to let you know who the fuck you’re dealing with. 

It’s tricky to be arrogant and likable at the same time, but Jay finds a way to do it.  Shaquille O’Neal comes to mind when trying to find someone who remained entertaining while reminding you that he was the best. He did it with a smile & with constant jokes, just like 1TakeJay. They’re dominant in deifferent ways, but both Shaq & Jay seem to have a knack for captivating whoever is watching them.