03 Greedo – High Off Me feat. Yung Bans (prod. CaptainCrunch & Koca Kaflarr)

Today we got a surprise drop from 03 Greedo – ‘High Off Me’ with Yung Bans. The two have been hinting at this collab for over a month, so it’s great to see it drop before Greedo has to serve his jail sentence. 

Both artists are known to bring somber energy on their songs, and despite their geographic differences they seem to have a sense of immediate chemistry. Greedo’s whining hook compares love to the euphoria of drugs, followed by a catchy Bans verse. Bans mentions the StincTeam in his verse, showing a clear appreciation for LA’s scene. 

CaptainCrunch & Koca Kaflarr handle production, giving the artists a beat that is empty in all the right ways. It’s minimalist style gives the artists all the room they need to express the creativity that makes Greedo & Bans so enigmatic. Listen below: